Naga-Waukee War Memorial

#1 – 415/388/359 Par 4
Show up 30 minutes before tee-time, stretch, hit range balls, stroke some putts. (Putting green usually faster than greens on course). Check U.S. Flag for wind direction. Drive should be just right of fairway trap to provide open shot to green. Check pin placement on #9 green.
#2 – 552/534/464 Par 5
First of Packard’s trademark double doglegs. Tee shot should favor left side of fairway, second shot should favor right side to open up the shallow well bunkered green. Third shot is money shot. Check pin placement on #3.

#3 – 202/182/144 Par 3
Large, deep green. Recall wind direction from U.S. flag. Select one more club than you think you need. Check pin placement on #4 green.

#4 – 436/411/353 Par 4
Best hole in front nine. Don’t be afraid to hit spoon, tee shot is very important. Large green with no trouble in front. Keep it in the short grass.

#5 – 369/348/286 Par 4
Great risk, reward hole. Drive should favor right side of fairway. Very deep green.

#6 – 514/496/423 Par 5
Another double dogleg with shallow, well bunkered green. Favor the right side with the drive and especially the second shot. Third shot is money shot.

#7 – 355/346/337 Par 4
Big hitters should hit spoon. Favor left side of fairway. Tricky green, usually better to be short of pin on second shot.

#8 – 175/134/124 Par 3
Front bunker creates illusion that hole is shorter than it actually plays.

#9 – 409/397/341 Par 4
Bogey players should play this as a 3 shot hole, favor left side of fairway. Large undulating green. Recall pin placement from #1 tee.

#10 – 412/401/361 Par 4
Drive should favor left side and be no longer than even with bunker. This will provide open second shot to very large and slightly undulating green. Stay below cup.

#11 – 502/492/470 Par 5
Best par 5 on course. Favor left side of fairway near trap. Don’t be greedy on second shot. Long and right of green is jail. Seamus McDuff lives under bridge.

#12 – 381/367/325 Par 4
Drive should favor left side of fairway. A slight dip in front of green creates illusion of less distance. Some putts on this green will break towards lake.

#13 - 229/211/169 Par 3
Spoon or driver unless your name is Tiger. All carry, slightly uphill and often against a slight breeze. Largest green on course and they forgot the bunker.

#14 - 542/525/504 Par 5
Take a minute. Favor the left side of the fairway. Remember what the old pro from Austin said, “The woods are full of long drives.” Second shot should favor right side to open up third shot. Last double dogleg.

#15 – 372/351/285 Par 4
Great hole plays longer than it looks. Drive should favor left side of fairway. Second shot take one more club. Green slopes toward lake slightly. Lake will affect break on putts.

#16 – 179/156/132 Par 3
Check wind. Very large green often breaks to the lake.

#17 – 435/420/362 Par 4
Tough hole. Drive should hug the left side of the trap. Second shot should favor left side of green. Avoid going long or right of green.

#18 – 351/342/333 Par 4
Coming home. A drive just left of trap sets up a good birdie opportunity. Keep second shot below the hole especially if the pin is on left. We hope you enjoyed your round. Until next time may your life be like a long walk in the park.

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