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Welcome to Waukesha County Golf in Waukesha County, Wisconsin. All guests are invited to register to receive the latest course news and exclusive access to our online specials. Book your tee time online or call the course.

All courses are now open!   

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Hey Junior Golfers

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Happy 2015 Valued Customers!

A Year of Our Appreciation to over 93,000 Golfers…

Thank you for your dedication to and support of Waukesha County Golf Courses in 2014. Naga-Waukee, Wanaki, and Moor Downs Golf Courses continued to demonstrate why they are some of the busiest and most popular Golf Courses in the state. With strong league membership, dedicated daily players, traditional outing play, and sound lesson and junior golf programs, the Waukesha County Golf Courses were able to accommodate to the needs of the loyal golfers in Waukesha County and beyond. The Men�™s Clubs, Ladies Clubs, and Senior Leagues all were at or near record memberships at all courses. The representation of our golf courses by our league members throughout statewide Tournaments is outstanding.

As a long-standing priority to ensure a strong future to the game of golf, the Waukesha County Golf Courses continue to strive for top-notch Junior Golf offerings at all three courses. From beginner group lessons to advanced on-course competitive training, the Waukesha County Golf Courses have something for all ages and abilities. Junior days at Moor Downs and the 250-member Junior League at Wanaki offer Junior Golfers the opportunities and experiences that they need on the golf course that will propel them into a lifetime of golf, whether it be competitive or social in nature.  Naga-Waukee and Wanaki held many high school golf events in 2014. Numerous schools call the Waukesha County Golf Courses home. Wanaki is proud to host the largest “All-County” High School Championships in the state. Waukesha Catholic Memorial High School won the 23-team Waukesha County Boys High School Championship while Hartland Arrowhead High School won the 13-team Waukesha County Girls High School Championship this year.  

As a past recipient of the “The Friend of Golf” Award by the Wisconsin State High School Golf Coaches Association, we continue to promote and hold Progressive Junior Lesson programs at Moor Downs and Wanaki. This program accommodates hundreds of new golfers each year. This 2013 award currently is displayed at Wanaki Golf Course.

Naga-Waukee and Wanaki traditionally hold the honor of hosting National, State, and Regional qualifying Tournaments, and hosting 156 players in the USGA Public Links Championship. Naga-Waukee Golf Course was honored to be a qualifying site, for the USGA Men�™s Amateur Public Links Championship to be held at Sand Creek Station Golf Course in Newton, Kansas. Started in 1922, this year�™s Tournament marks the last time this traditional event will be held. In September, 2015, Wanaki and
Naga-Waukee will be hosting the 2015 Wisconsin State Public Links Championship.

In August of 2014, Moor Downs Golf Course again was selected as the host-site for the 2014 Special Olympics of Wisconsin State Golf Championship. Over 100 qualifying athletes from all over Wisconsin participated in this 2-day Tournament. The emotion, the fun-spirited competition, and the pure passion for the game that was exhibited by the athletes were truly a memorable moment for the Waukesha County Golf staff and Moor Downs Golf Course. 

On behalf of The Waukesha County Golf Course staff, we would like to thank all of you who enjoyed the game of golf at
Naga-Waukee, Wanaki, and Moor Downs during the 2014 season. Your commitment, loyalty, and support of golf in Waukesha County make this a great place to live, work and play.
We wish all of you a happy and safe New Year, we will see you on the tee in 2015.





Please join the USGA in our campaign to stamp out long playing times and end slow play. Sign our Pace of Play Pledge and help us make the game more fun and more enjoyable for everyone.

When you sign the pledge, you will be enrolled in a six-part educational program that will teach you the fundamental causes of slow play and suggest ways to improve your personal pace of play.

My Pace of Play Pledge

  • As one who loves golf, I understand my critical role in improving pace of play.

  • I will examine my own habits on the golf course to identify ways that I can pick up the pace.

  • I will Tee It Forward and play from the set of tees best suited to my driving distance, in an effort to speed up play and have more fun.

  • I will practice “ready golf” during stroke play; I will hit when I am ready to play, but only when it is safe to do so.

  • I will serve as an example for those around me and I will strive to inspire and guide my fellow golfers to improve their pace of play.

  • I understand that golf course design and setup can affect pace of play, and I promise to support those who manage the facilities where I play to find solutions for optimizing pace of play.

  • I will seek out a golf professional to help me improve my game and my pace of play.

  • I will embrace opportunities to play nine holes when my schedule doesn�™t allow for an 18-hole round.

  • I will encourage others to take the Pace of Play Pledge, for the good of the game.

  • I will play more quickly, play better and have more fun!